Order Course Stanozolol Sustanon USA – from the manufacturer


Order Course Stanozolol Sustanon USA - from the manufacturer Lyka Labs

Order Course Stanozolol Sustanon USA – from the manufacturer

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Steroids facilitate and accelerate the absorption of substances necessary for the activity of cells. They can be said to stimulate “muscle nutrition” and increase weight due to the increase in muscle mass. Anabolic steroids are derivatives of testosterone, so they have an androgenic effect, that is, they act like the male sex hormone testosterone, which provides for the formation of a male muscular body. In medicine, these pharmacological substances are prescribed by doctors in conditions of exhaustion, observed, for example, after serious injuries, operations, diseases; with slow healing of wounds, burns; with a disease of the bones, like osteoporosis, with advanced cancer, etc. Simultaneously with the treatment with steroids, they give recommendations on nutrition: the diet should contain more than usual protein, microelements (especially calcium), vitamins and other necessary “building” materials.

Food before training

Food before exercise should contain carbohydrates, proteins and does not contain fat (preferably not more than 3 grams).

Carbohydrates before exercise are needed in order to load glycogen bins and provide muscles and brain with energy. During training, the fuel is burned very quickly, and it needs to be glycogen, because the body cannot supply the right amount of energy from fat (due to lack of oxygen).

Proteins before exercise will not be a source of energy, they will be a source of amino acids for working muscles. As a result, immediately after exercise, protein synthesis in the muscles increases dramatically.

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Fat in the diet before exercise should be absent, because fat in food slows down the emptying of the stomach and the speed of digestion. Fatty food is longer in the stomach, and if it is there during exercise, it can cause colic, nausea and belching.

Classical meals before exercise will be the following:

• poultry meat (turkey, chicken breasts) with coarse bread or rice

• low-fat steak with potatoes

• omelette from egg whites with oatmeal

The calorie intake of food should be normal, the same as that of all your other meals. Bulk food (a large portion of salad or a bowl of soup) is best eaten an hour or two before the workout, so that she has time to digest, and the stomach is empty. More dense food (half a pot of porridge or cottage cheese) can be eaten 30 minutes to an hour before training.

If you train to build muscle mass, then 30 minutes before your workout, eat one large-sized fruit with a low glycemic index (apple, pear, strawberry, or any other berries) and drink it with a protein drink (preferably whey protein powder) ). The calculation of protein in this cocktail is as follows: 0.22 g of whey protein per kilogram of weight. For example, if you weigh 68 kg, then in a cocktail (mixed with water) there should be 15 grams of protein.

Also 30 minutes before your workout, drink a glass of strong black coffee (with a sugar substitute, but not with cream) or very strong green tea. This will help the secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine, which mobilize fat from fat cells, so that the body can use it as a fuel. Thus, during a workout, you will burn more fat and less glucose, glycogen and amino acids. Fatigue in the process of training will come much later. The head will be better to think, and you will be able to train more intensively. The effect of coffee before workout lasts about 2 hours.

Immediately before training it is better to eat nothing, since physical activity distracts from the digestive process (rhythmic contractions of the stomach in order to digest food). In extreme cases, if you are very hungry, you can drink a glass of protein shake or milk.

Meals during exercise

The most important thing during training is to remember to drink! Already at 2% dehydration, training will be sluggish and ineffective.

Do not focus on the feeling of thirst. Intense training suppresses the work of thirst receptors in the throat and digestive tract, so that by the time you want to drink, your body will already be dehydrated beyond measure. In addition, with age, thirst sensors in the body lose their sensitivity. Adult people need to drink water, because it is necessary, and not because they want to.

If you notice symptoms of dehydration (two or more at the same time):

• feeling of thirst

• dry mouth

• dry or even cracked lips

• dizziness

• fatigue

• headache

• irritability

• lack of appetite,

Immediately start drinking water and stop working out for a few minutes until the symptoms have passed.

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Drinking mode is the following: right before the start of a workout, drink a glass of water and drink a little every 15–20 minutes during class. The amount you drink will depend on the amount of sweat. You need to provide hydration and even superhydration of the body during workouts.

If the workout lasts more than an hour, then it is desirable to drink special sports drinks. About 30-60g of carbohydrates per hour should be supplied from sugars. More than 60g of carbohydrates during the workout the body does not absorb, and the workout productivity may decrease. Drink high-calorie drinks should be a little, sipping every 10 minutes. Sports drinks also contain beneficial electrolytes (salts) that the body loses with sweat and urine.

During training, you can also drink fruit juices, preferably freshly squeezed, and not store. It is safe to say that all purchased juices, even those sold with the mark “100% juice without added sugar”, are diluted with water and contain mixed sugars. Orange juices most often contain beet sugar, apple juices contain corn syrup and inulin. The best juice is freshly squeezed orange, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

Food after exercise

It is necessary to eat immediately after training, preferably in the first 20 minutes. If you abstain from food for 2 hours after the end of the workout, the workout loses all meaning – as a result, NOTHING DOES ANYTHING, the fat and everything will be burned a little, but there will be no gain in strength, muscle density, harmony and metabolic rate. In the first 20 minutes after a workout, the body opens the so-called post-training (anabolic) window for the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates (but not fats). All that will be eaten during this period will go to the recovery of muscles and increase muscle mass, not a single calorie from food will go to fat. It is very important.

Carbohydrates after exercise is better to consume in liquid form from simple, high-glycemic sources. You need to achieve a sharp jump in insulin levels, with its anabolic and anti-catabolic properties. Cranberry and grape juice are considered the best because they have a high ratio of glucose to fructose in the carbohydrate profile. Consume about 1 g of carbohydrates from the juice per kilogram of an ideal weight. A glass of grape juice contains 38 g of carbohydrates (155 kcal), and a glass of cranberry juice – 31g of carbohydrates (115 kcal). You can also eat any carbohydrate foods that do not contain fat (bread, jam, sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, etc.).

In addition, immediately after a workout you need to boot proteins. Best in the form of a protein powder drink. In this way, protein synthesis in the muscles after exercise will increase by three times (compared with fasting). So bring a bottle of protein powder and juice cocktail if you exercise outside the house and drink it all at once as soon as you stop training. The amount of protein from the powder should be 0.55g per kilogram of ideal weight. If you can’t drink protein shakes for some reason, rely on egg whites. If you can eat within an hour after a workout, then choose any protein food, just calculate the right amount of protein.

Since nutrition after a workout has only one important goal — to contribute to an increase in muscle mass as quickly and effectively as possible — fat in this meal should not be contained at all. Fat in food will slow the passage of carbohydrates and proteins from the stomach into the blood. Protein food should be lean, i.e. if the chicken is breasts, not legs. If eggs, then only proteins. Beef and pork should be avoided, as they are always very fat, prefer veal. You also need to be careful with cheese, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese – as a rule, they contain at least 5% fat. The only exception is fatty fish (not fried!). It can and should be eaten as often as possible.

After a workout, for two hours, it is desirable to exclude everything that contains caffeine: coffee, tea, cocoa, and all the “chocolate” (even protein powders with chocolate flavor). The fact is that caffeine interferes with insulin and thus prevents your body from reloading glycogen to the muscles and liver and using protein to repair muscles. So if you train in the morning, you endure 2 hours, and only then drink real strong coffee. A cup of coffee drunk before training should help you stay awake and energetic. If you cannot refuse coffee or tea at all, choose their decafinized counterparts.

Do not exercise in vain – squeeze the maximum effect of the minimum cost by optimizing nutrition before, during and after exercise!

Order Course Stanozolol Sustanon USA

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Order Course Stanozolol Sustanon USA - from the manufacturer Lyka Labs

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