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Proztilen zinc instructions for use that is part of the candles and how effective they are Candles with propolis from prostatitis – instructions for use: what is in their composition and how many days they need to be used
What is part of candles with propolis for oxanabol oxandrolone prostatitis, can they be made with your own hands and how long does the treatment for men last?

How to use candles with propolis from prostatitis – instructions

Inflammation of the prostate is a common male disease that is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. The consequences of the disease are sexual disorders, infertility.

The early stage of the disease is successfully treated with folk remedies, among which the most effective are candles based on propolis. How is the treatment of prostatitis propolis, how to make candles from propolis at home.

The content of the article

  • Characteristics of the substance
  • Composition
  • When applied
  • Useful video: about the use and properties of propolis
  • Effectiveness in prostate pathology
  • Useful video: propolis candles from prostatitis
  • Recommendations for use
  • Kinds
  • Making your own hands
  • Useful video: making propolis candles
  • Conclusion
  • Characteristics of the substance

    One insect swarm produces about 200 grams of the adhesive component per season. He was taken out of the hive with a chisel, scraping off the walls. The healing substance may be brownish green, dark brown, grayish or black. It depends on the type of plant from which the resin was collected.


    A unique bee product can have a variety of components that vary due to the characteristics of the terrain, the collection period, the type of plants.

    • plant resins;
    • essential oils;
    • phosphorus;
    • wax;
    • iron;
    • sodium;
    • calcium;
    • sulfur;
    • magnesium;
    • copper;
    • selenium;
    • tanning components;
    • vitamins of group B, H, E, P;
    • organic acids;
    • pollen;
    • balms.

    The consistency of the bee product depends on the amount of wax, and the richness of taste depends on the essential oils. Low temperatures lead to solidification of the substance, it crumbles easily into pieces. At high temperatures easily molded. The product usually sinks in water, but if it contains a large amount of wax, it floats to the surface.

    Note! The composition of the bee product is 55 healing components.

    When applied

    • relieves pain;
    • increases the respiratory capacity of cells;
    • removes toxins;
    • enhances adrenaline production;
    • rejuvenates the body;
    • neutralizes the released radicals;
    • normalizes metabolic processes;
    • helps to neutralize cholesterol;
    • regenerates tissue.

    Due to these valuable qualities, the drug is widely used in folk and traditional medicine, helps in the treatment of:

    • catarrhal diseases;
    • diphtheria;
    • Relief for prostate and prostate adenoma which is...
    • tuberculosis;
    • pneumonia;
    • bronchitis;
    • gastritis;
    • flatulence;
    • eczema;
    • sore throats;
    • laryngitis;
    • jade;
    • varicose veins;
    • prostatitis.

    The elements included in the composition, improve immunity, enhance the protective functions of the body.

    Useful video: about the use and properties of propolis

    Effectiveness in prostate pathology

    The cause of the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland lies in the reduced immunity, bacterial activation. Pathogenic bacteria are characterized by survivability, are hardly removed by drugs, many of which are not able to kill the pathogenic microflora.

    Over time, microbial resistance to used drugs develops. The use of bee product leads to the effect of addiction.

    The effectiveness of the drug for prostatitis is achieved due to the following properties:

    • bactericidal, through which the destruction of pathogens of infection of the prostate gland;
    • anti-virus, which prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, preventing the formation of inflammatory foci;
    • an antifungal that does not allow the mycelium to spread and further disperse the pathogenic flora in the urogenital system;
    • antioxidant, which is important for prostate adenoma. The drug does not allow mutation of diseased cells;
    • pain medication. Propolisic candles from prostatitis quickly relieve pain, burning for 5 hours;
    • anti-inflammatory, bee product does not allow the formation of stagnant processes, eliminates edema;
    • immunomodulatory, which increases the activity and the number of macrophages, leukocytes;
    • antitoxic. As a result, the drug dissolves and removes from the body the toxic waste products of pathogenic microorganisms, the components of drugs.

    Useful video: propolis candles from prostatitis

    Recommendations for use

    To propolis candles brought the expected stanoprime result, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

    1. It is forbidden to exceed the dosage specified by the doctor.
    2. The suppository is introduced in the supine position.
    3. You need to enter carefully: with one hand to introduce the tool, the other – to push the buttocks.
    4. Before the introduction of the hand should be cooled, so as not to provoke the melting of wax.
    5. The drug is stored in the refrigerator.
    6. Before making the introduction, you need to visit the toilet.
    7. After the introduction, it is important to lie down for half an hour.
    8. Best of all introduction to make for the night.

    Not shown to use suppositories for intolerance to honey, propolis. Otherwise, an allergic reaction may develop in the form of burning, itching, redness, angioedema.

    Important! You can not use candles in the presence of oncology, as it is possible to provoke a rapid growth of the tumor process.


    Propolis candles are advised to use the instructions for use, both for therapy and for the prevention of diseases.

    Suppositories with propolis strengthen men’s health, increase the overall endurance of the body, prevent the formation of inflammatory foci of the prostate gland. The most commonly used candles listed on propolis for prostatitis are:

    1. Propolis nam.
    2. Prostopin.
    3. Gemo-Pro.
    4. Propolis D.
    5. Phyto-propolis.

    Candles Propolis DN for prostatitis belong to the category of homeopathic medicines. They are composed of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter suppositories can have a wound healing, antimicrobial effect. Propolis DN candles are applied on 3 suppositories per day lasting 10 days.

    Prostopin is often used for prostate therapy. Suppositories Prostotopin have a potency-enhancing effect that improves the flow of urine and helps relieve swelling. Able to have a tonic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition to the standard composition, they consist of royal jelly, mountain honey, plant pollen, glued together by bee secrets in the granules.

    The drug is administered once a night. Typically, the duration of therapy varies from 10 days to a month based on the severity of the disease. If there is a need for reuse, it can be carried out after a break of 2-3 months.

    Candles with propolis for prostate Gemo-Pro are distinguished by their unique components.

    In addition to the waste product of bees, they consist of:

    • comfrey;
    • Hypericum;
    • cocoa butter;
    • healing mud.

    After visiting the toilet or cleansing the bowel enema, the drug is injected once a day, preferably overnight. The duration of therapy is 30 days.

    Candles Propolis D supplemented Dimeksidom. The latter drug improves blood circulation, helps deliver therapeutic components directly to the pathological focus. It relieves puffiness, helps restore damaged prostate tissue, helps to improve overall well-being.

    Dimexide increases the analgesic effect. Thanks to him, the pain syndrome of a spastic character is removed in the perineum during urination liothyronine bodybuilding.

    Treatment involves the introduction of 1 suppositories for 2 weeks. This drug is used for prevention, allows to reduce the number of relapses. Contraindicated in the use of hypersensitivity to Dimexidum.

    Phyto Propolis candles consist of herbal extracts. The basis is natural cocoa butter. They are recommended to put 3 weeks in the evening. In the presence of non-infectious prostatitis, the duration of therapy may be increased up to 4 weeks.

    Making your own hands

    In addition to pharmaceutical means, you can make homemade candles for prostatitis at home. They are administered one time at bedtime for a month. If necessary, the therapeutic course can be repeated after 3 months. Produced candles with propolis do it yourself with the following methods.

    Candles from propolis from prostatitis with their own hands are made from animal fat (200 gr.), Wax (50 gr.), Bee product (50 gr.). First, the animal fat is heated by means of a water bath, where a pre-crushed bee product is added. Next, wax is added.

    Then mix everything thoroughly, drain the liquid into a suitable container. After cooling, give the form a suppository, having a pointed end, weighing from 7 to 11 grams., 5 to 6 cm long. The finished product is stored in the refrigerator.

    The second method recommends taking 220 ml of alcohol, 40 g. bee substance, 20 gr. animal fat. Perhaps animal fat to replace the high-quality butter. Bee product is crushed and infused in alcohol for 10 days. At times you need to get it and shake it well.

    After keeping the infusion, it is necessary to reduce it over a slow fire so that all the alcohol will evaporate. In this case, a brown shade is acquired from suppositories. After that, add butter or fat, melt stirring. For cooling, send in the refrigerator, then remove and make suppositories.

    You can make candles from prostatitis effect of masterbution on body building in the previously prepared form. For the manufacture of the following method, you need to take 5 parts of glycerin, 1 part gelatin and 2 parts water. The resulting mixture is cooled. Then it should be added to the bee product. In the form prepared from parchment, pour and cool the mixture.

    Useful video: making propolis candles


    Candles for prostatitis with propolis are often used as therapeutic and prophylactic measures that eliminate prostate pathologies. But before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor to exclude an allergic reaction.

    Candles with propolis from prostatitis, instructions...